Training by TestSoft maximizes the ability to improve your products and services, reduce variation, eliminate waste, improve time to market, improve processes and quality, and reduce your overall cost.  We train you to use the Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Tools more effectively which improves business decision making. For example, Parser development training teaches you how to build an effective parser to capture, characterize, and analyze data with TestSoft's Explicore™, our premier Data Analysis Scorecard Utility.

Lean Six Sigma Training Offerings:

Lean Six Sigma Training / Certification
    -  Overview - 1 day
    -  Yellow Belt - 3 days
    -  Champion - 3 days
    -  Green Belt - 5 days
    -  Lean - 5 days
    -  Black Belt - 13 days
    -  Master Black Belt - 20 days

Customized Training Programs Available:
    -   Senior Executive Six Sigma
    -   Advanced Seminars
    -   Advanced Lean Six Sigma Topics

The core element of implementing a Lean Six Sigma program is training. This allows an organization to possess the necessary tools to improve processes, contain cost, increase customer satisfaction, and drive bottom-line savings.

By combining and integrating Lean principles that improves speed and reduces waste with the Six Sigma discipline that reduces variation in the process, the results are dramatic - greater market share, loyal customer base, gains in revenue, and shareholder value.

TestSoft professionals possess the necessary skills and experience to address the issues facing your business today.  We have a complete range of Six Sigma tools and process improvement solutions to help you achieve your business goals. This will enable you to sleep better at night.

Public Training

Training will be performed at TestSoft's selected training site.
On-site Training

Save time and money by training a group of employees at your office. Bring TestSoft's expertise to your business.
Mentoring / Coaching

Hire a TestSoft Lean Six Sigma expert to help analyze your data and provide advanced Lean Six Sigma support.
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Training by TestSoft includes instructor-led courses for Lean Six Sigma, parser development, and data characterization / analysis.  Call +1-623-203-4210 and ask about our next class schedule.
TestSoft's training is designed and delivered by highly skilled professionals with years of experience implementing Lean Six Sigma and other quality initiatives. Our team has accumulated over $200 million in savings for companies globally.

Remember, the goal of a process improvement solution is to reduce variation and waste, and improve cycle time which drives financially measurable results throughout your organization.  We offer fully integrated Lean Six Sigma training.