TestSoft delivers world-class service every day.  Our customized support solutions offer you the option of a broad range of services designed to reduce your cost of ownership, and lower product costs and uncertainties associated with managing your products.  Our services are designed to help you solve specific problems encountered with your project.  TestSoft provides comprehensive services to help Customer's eliminate non-essential steps in their processes, ease development requirements, and provides the tools you need to improve business and tranactional processes, increase customer satisfaction, and drive substantial savings to your bottom line.  Our philosophy is based on Lean Six Sigma principles.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services

TestSoft's goal is to help you accelerate improvement in products, processes, and services while reducing the cost of poor quality through the elimination of waste, defects, and variation.  We will provide you with the training and tools to improve business and transactional processes, contain costs, improve your bottom line, and reap the reward of increased customer satisfaction.

TestSoft's Lean Six Sigma guidance includes, but is not limited to:
-  Lean Six Sigma Guidance
-  Business Process Improvement
-  Transactional Process Improvement
-  Coaching / Mentoring / Consulting
-  Lean Transformation
-  Training

By combining and integrating Lean principles to improve product flow with the disciplines of Six Sigma to reduce variation in quality, the results are dramatic: revenue gain, containment of cost, increased customer satisfaction, increased market share, and customer loyalty - imagine the possibilities.  These performance improvements build shareholder value.

Parser Development

A data parser must be used to acquire key information from your data files to capture the data more effectively and efficiently.  TestSoft eases your development needs by creating the data parsers for you.   This allows you to quickly capture, characterize, analyze, assess, and measure product or process parameters.  This enables you to quickly determine the reliability of your process, product, and system, thus avoiding costly errors and downtime.
  • Training / Mentoring / Coaching
  • Consulting - standard or customized to meet your need
  • Parser Development

  • Includes Lean Six Sigma training and consulting, performance metrics, and data capture / characterization.

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