TestSoft LLC, a Lean Six Sigma consulting firm, helps companies achieve measurable performance improvement results through our Lean Six Sigma training, consulting, and technology solutions. These offerings drive growth, productivity, and value. Our standard training includes: Lean Six Sigma Overview, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Lean Green, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt Training and Certification. One of our technology solutions is TestSoft's premier product, Explicore™, an automated data analysis scorecard utility that processes a massive amount of data quickly to uncover process issues more efficiently and effectively.

TestSoft has the expert ability to customize the integration of management disciplines to meet the requirements of leaders across a multitude of industries such as education, finance, manufacturing, and service industries.

TestSoft professionals have the skills and expertise to help you address the most critical issues facing your business and will assist you in achieving your business goals. Our solutions will allow you to sleep better at night.   Together, we can begin -

"Progressing Toward Perfection"

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"Loan-Score utilizes the Agile Programming Methodology and Explicore enabled us to quickly identify and uncover several issues in our software.  We estimate that for several projects the utilization of Explicore during Testing and Bug resolution reduced our Software Development cycle times by 50% and allowed us to rapidly put our enhancements into production with zero defects.  We highly recommend the use of Explicore to ascertain the issues related to product development or process implementation and re-engineering."
            ~ David Colwell, Executive Vice President, Loan-Score

Student Testimonial: "Thank you for a job well done! Completing your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Green Belt Certification programs increased the number of responses I received from job postings. Having the Green Belt and Lean Green Belt certifications allowed me to break through the barriers and secure the position I have been seeking."
            ~ Hector R., Manufactuirng Engineer

TestSoft's Explicore™ with its SQL-based database is an automated Data Analysis Scorecard Utility that provides professionals with a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use software which fully analyzes your product, process, or system data.  Explicore™ takes all data (parameters) related to a product, process, or system and within minutes it harvests a vast amount of data and identifies the parameters in need of correction or improvement.  The output of this product is a statistically based report which identifies the Key Process Indicators (KPIs) so you can quickly identify where to put your resources to fix problem areas.

Customer's use Explicore™ to acquire key information from their data and automatically capture the data more efficiently and effectively. Explicore™, TestSoft's patented process, characterizes successful data as well as failed data to provide a solid evaluation of your product, process, or system.  This enables you to quickly capture, characterize, analyze, assess, and measure your data to determine the reliability of your processes, products, and systems to avoid costly errors and downtime.

Leveraging Explicore™ software does provide cost savings, increased efficiency, and thoroughly evaluates product or process quality.  For design and manufacturing, flaws and testing issues can be identified instantly and adjustments can be made fast, thus limiting the amount of downtime.

Unleash the power of your data

TestSoft's Explicore helps you draw insight from your data and is the ideal automated statistics package for all your projects.  Its comprehensive collection method and ease-of-use features help you identify the process that needs improvement, find the best solutions, and measure their success.


TestSoft's patented software interface provides an easy-to-use GUI as shown:

(To enlarge the GUI interface, put the mouse on a GUI screen and left mouse click.)
 Patents:  US D634,330 S, US D634,331 S, and US D634,749 S